Copyright notice


浮岛艺术网站提供的所有网页内容、网页设计的所有内容(包括图片、文字、声音、标志、LOGO、名称、以及多媒体形式)均属于浮岛艺术平台所有或持有。All web content, all content of web design (including images, text, sound, logos, logos, names, and multimedia forms) provided by the Floating Island Art website is owned or held by the Floating Island Art platform.

未经浮岛艺术及/或相关权利人明确书面授权,任何人不得复制艺术家相关作品以及改编。No one may reproduce the artist’s related works and adaptations without the express written permission of Floating Island Arts and/or the relevant rights holder.

浮岛艺术平台LOGO不得在未经过浮岛平台创办人的允许下单独使用在其他平台,需经过双方协议才能使用,展览期间新闻稿内容,媒体可以用于宣传报道等使用.The Floating Island Art Platform logo may not be used on other platforms alone without the permission of the founder of the Floating Island Platform, but only by mutual agreement, and the content of press releases during the exhibition, which may be used by the media for promotional coverage and other uses.